Breast Cancer Survivors Wait on California License Bill

The state of California has passed a bill that will allow drivers to purchase what are called Legacy Plates. The California Legacy License Plate Program lets drivers purchase plates that look like retro models. While this program has passed through the California House and Senate, another license plate bill has yet to gain approval: the California Pink Plate Campaign. The vision of four breast cancer survivors, the campaign is a push to get bill AB 49 through California's legislature and passed into law. The bill would authorize the printing and use of license plates that support breast cancer awareness.

The group of women who came up with the idea went to Assembly Member Joan Buchanan to ask for help. Buchanan wrote the bill and brought it to the California House of Representatives, where it easily passed. However, the bill has been stuck in the Senate, moving between committees. Currently, AB 49 is stalled with the Rules Committee.

"We want the same rights as the Legacy Plates," Heather McCollough, a member of the California Pink Plate Campaign, told San Francisco CBS affiliate KCBS.

The plate design is all pink, and features a breast cancer ribbon along with the slogan, "Early detection saves lives." The campaign's current strategy is to gain public support. Specialty license plates in California need at least 7,500 orders before they can be created. The campaign asks that people sign their name on a petition found on their website that puts them on a pre-order list. 

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