Breast Implants Affect Mammogram Results

According to a study published in JAMA, breast implants can obscure the images taken during a mammogram. The saline and silicone used in implants can hide tumors from imaging machines and may delay the diagnosis of breast cancer but do not increase a woman's risk of the disease.

Sandyha Pruthi, M.D. and family practitioner at the Mayo Clinic with particular interest in women's health and breast disease, offers some breast health tips for women with implants. According to the Mayo Clinic, she mentioned that women should say they have implants when making a mammogram appointment and recommends they ask if the practice sees many women with implants. Radiologists who have experience reading the results of women with implants can better assess breast health than those without such experience. Some clinics even take additional views during a mammogram to properly assess the breast tissue when implants are present. Both film and digital mammography are in use today and have the same accuracy at detecting cancer. Mention your implants to your doctor at the start of your appointment to ensure every step is taken to properly screen your body.

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