This 3D Breast Reconstruction Animation Shows All The Possibilities, Giving Patients More Peace Of Mind

Facing a breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming — and picturing what your body will look like after surgery can be daunting. It’s important to remember that you have options!

This fantastic 3D animation walks you through the possibilities for breast reconstruction, focusing on implant operations both with and without a flap procedure, as well as what types of flap procedures there are: abdominal, gluteal, back, and more. (As always, reconstruction options evolve as new methods are fine-tuned, so be sure to ask your doctor what options would be best for you.)

Screen Shot: YouTube/understandmed

A variety of reconstruction options exist and most are covered by insurance. The reconstruction can restore breasts to “near normal shapes, size and appearance.”

Some options use a flap of tissue, called autologous flap, from your own body, usually taken from your abdomen, back or buttock. Another option are breast implants that can be made out of silicone or saline.

Screen Shots: YouTube/understandmed

The informative video below details what is involved in removing a breast, all the options, risks and recovery. Be sure to watch this video and share with anyone who is considering breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

Knowing what to expect from your surgery can you make you feel more confident and comfortable. Relax, take a deep breath, and explore your choices in this video!

Screen Shots: YouTube/understandmed

(Do you think your doctor should be required by law to give you all of your breast cancer reconstruction options before you undergo surgery? Sign the petition Let Women Know Their Options After A Breast Cancer Diagnosis!)

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