Breast Cancer 101: Do you know what you’re looking for? Watch this!

The biggest obstacle to your own health is yourself. Knowing what and when to get checked out by a doctor is crucial, and in some cases could be lifesaving. Early detection in breast cancer is extremely important. This video explains some of the common changes in your breast, and when you should consider going to your doctor. There is nothing too small or too insignificant to get checked out.

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While self-examinations are good and are important when it comes to early detection, not everyone can afford other early detection methods for breast cancer, such as mammograms. This is due to a lack of health insurance that can cover it and a lack of finances to pay for it out of pocket. With breast cancer being the most common cancer in women in both developing and developed areas, we cannot let women go untested. You can help. Click here to help fund free mammograms for low income, uninsured, and working poor women!

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