Mom Becomes First To Have Two Sons Playing Against Each Other In The Super Bowl

When a mother watches her son playing in the Super Bowl, it’s a very proud moment. For Donna Kelece, however, the moment is doubly proud.

You see, she is the first mother with two sons in the NFL who play for different teams and will play against each other at the Super Bowl. Her son Travis plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Jason plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Photo: Flickr/Erik Drost License: CC BY 2.0

I can only imagine how challenging it would be for a mother to be in the situation. When February 12 rolls around, some serious questions will have to be answered.

When Donna realized that her sons would be on opposing teams at the Super Bowl, she went on Twitter to express her pride. Undoubtedly, both of her sons are accomplished and well-known in the sport, but they ended up on opposite sides of the field.

Both of her sons attended the University of Cincinnati, which is represented in the hashtag offered by their mother.

Because of the unique situation in this sporting event, some people have even renamed it the Kelce Bowl. In any case, it is still sure to be a super event.

Her son, Travis, also had a unique perspective on the situation that he gave shortly after the Kansas City Chiefs won over the Cincinnati Bengals. According to Journal Star, he said: “My mom can’t lose. I’ll just leave it at that. It’s going to be an amazing feeling playing against him [Jason].”

This isn’t the first time Donna has been in such a situation. On game days, she often has to wear both a Philadelphia Eagles and a Kansas City Chiefs jersey, so both of her sons are supported.

I’m sure that the family has thought about this, as it was a possibility for quite some time. One thing the father joked about is that he is happy they are both on offense. In his words, that “probably rules out any fist fights.”

According to the Journal Star, as far as the mother is concerned, she says it’s her hopes and dreams coming true but also her worst fears. She’s concerned that somebody will be a loser at the end of the day and says that “neither one of them lose very well.”

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