The Simple Joys Of Being A Dad! Baby’s First Experience With A Dandelion!

Can you imagine never having seen a dandelion? Like never? It seems like the pesky little plants, pretty as they are, are everywhere, getting in the way and spreading as fast as their little seeds can fly. It’s almost impossible to never have seen one.

But that’s one of the fantastic things about babies; everything is new to them. And when everything is new, it’s also just a little more spectacular. Am I right?

Baby Buzz hasn’t seen a dandelion before. And we’re so glad he hasn’t, because his reaction is absolutely precious. His dad lets us in on the experience and wow, is it worth it! Both dad and baby look so happy, and we’re so glad we could share this experience with them.

There’s nothing more joyous and smile-inducing than a baby giggling! Many thanks to dad for letting us in on the fun!!

Check out the video below!

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