Calysta’s Voice Brought the Crowd to Its Feet; Her Cancer Story Will Inspire Millions More.

Howie Mandel was taken aback by the Audrey Hepburn looks of Calysta Bevier, but he was more taken aback by her story. The dark, short, curly hair wasn’t her choice; it was just the most visible scar left from her battle with Stage 3 ovarian cancer. For the last two years, Calysta has been paying it forward, inspiring fellow juvenile cancer patients at local talent shows and via her YouTube channel. But now she has a bigger stage, and what does she do? She absolutely crushes a cover of Rachel Platten’s hit “Fight Song,” and earns Simon’s golden buzzer.

The song and her voice alone are beautiful and inspiring, but her story just makes this performance so much sweeter. Join with the crowd in cheering as Simon hits the golden buzzer in the video below!

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