Canada-Based Doctor Shares Her Breast Cancer Story

Dr. Dhun Noria is a very accomplished woman. She recently won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Scarborough World Gala Foundation, according to the Toronto Observer. Dr. Noria is also the Chief of Laboratory Medicine at The Scarborough Hospital and decided to share her personal breast cancer journey.

Dr. Noria underwent two bouts with breast cancer, with the first one appearing in 1994.

“I’m a very passionate person, I like to do lots of things and cancer was not part of my plan,” Dr. Noria told the source. “I still had lots to achieve.”

She hid the cancer from her colleagues through isolation and in 2003 the disease came back. She worked during the first occurrence and chose to do the same the second time around. However, the chemotherapy treatment took a toll on her appearance and health. Dr. Noria overcame the challenges and is now a two-time breast cancer survivor.

The gala where Dr. Noria will receive the award is also raising money for charity. It’s taking place on May 10, in Toronto. The 2014 fundraising goal is $2 million, which will benefit Cancer Care programs. 

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