Podcasts From Doctors, Survivors And Others Offer Unique Way To Deal With Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is a heavy issue to deal with, but those battling the disease don’t have to do so without help. When it comes to advice, whether from doctors, counselors, or peers going through treatment for cancer themselves, podcasts are a great resource.

Podcasts can offer support in the form of education, emotional guidance, and even entertainment. There are many that can be easily found online, or on a mobile device, each ranging in length, topic, and detail. Here is a list of six different podcasts that each provide unique insight to dealing with cancer:

Podcasts offer a unique way to find support and advice when battling cancer.
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The Chemo Files is a podcast by a woman named Debbie Galant. A chemotherapy patient, Galant releases a new podcast every month, detailing her journey and the importance of maintaining a sense of humor over a sense of dread. Each episode is between 10 and 30 minutes long, some featuring her son, Noah Levinson.


The Cancer GamePlan is aimed at those going through cancer. Featuring interviews with survivors, episodes are always longer than 30 minutes and released weekly.

“Each episode brings you an inspiring cancer warrior who shares their journey through their cancer battle, from: diagnosis and treatment, to their biggest challenges and how they overcame them, to their funniest cancer moment,” The Cancer GamePlan’s splash page declares.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers the Managing Cancer series of podcasts. In these short episodes, doctors and scientists share their findings on cancer treatment and therapy.


The Breastcancer.org community has an archive of podcasts that focus on education. Social Workers, dietitians, doctors, and others offer their advice on cancer-related issues in 10-20 minute recordings.


The Cancer.net collection of podcasts is arranged in a helpful way that lets you sort episodes by topic, like “Quality of Life,” “Side Effects,” or “Cancer Basics,” among others. Issues like research, treatment and coping are tackled with depth and detail. The Cancer.Net Podcasts series won a Merit Award for the series in the 2015 Digital Health Awards, which recognizes high-quality digital health resources for consumers and health professionals.


For straightforward advice and answers, the CDC’s collection of audio podcasts is a great resource. The longest episode is still only about 3 minutes long, and topics range from prevention, screening information, stories from survivors, kids’ interests, and more.

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