Breast Cancer Survivor Shares What She Does to Release Toxins and Regain Flexibility

Yoga has been a way for people to relax their minds as well as their bodies for many years. When you are a survivor of breast cancer, mental and physical relaxation and recovery are essential. For some, hot yoga has been a great way to deal with the after effects of treatment.

Mona Oldes is one of those people. She finds that the fatigue and “foggy brain” caused by her radiation treatment melt away quickly after she enters the 100-plus degree room, and the stretching allows her to regain flexibility in her arm after two breast-cancer-related surgeries.

Photo: YouTube/WXII 12 News
Photo: YouTube/WXII 12 News

Hot yoga also has the added benefit of extra sweating, which allows more of the toxins caused by radiation and other factors to escape the body.

Some breast cancer patients and survivors like Mona worry that a hot yoga class will be to difficult or too, well, hot, for them. However, Mona got through the class more easily than she thought she would have and has reaped the benefits because of it! The heat is something you get used to and learn to enjoy.

Photo: YouTube/WXII 12 News
Photo: YouTube/WXII 12 News

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