Cancer Survivors Help Current Patients With Art

A group of cancer survivors are working through their journey in an artistic way. According to CTV News, St. Joseph's Health Care in London recently unveiled artwork that is on display at the facility's Breast Care Centre.

The work consists of painted glass panels and was made for anyone who has been touched by breast cancer.

"While you're drawing you know your mind's focus is at the tip of the crayon or the pencil or the brush because you really want to make it so beautiful and right so you don't have room to worry," Wanda Sawicki, an art therapist, told the source.

Lin-Pei De Souza is one of the people who created the art for the Breast Care Program. She survived brain cancer and wrote words of love in different languages on her creation.

There are healing art therapy classes in many places, including Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu. According to Honolulu ABC affiliate KITV, the program is funded by a breast cancer organization and some patients consider it a welcome diversion. Even the instructor, Jocelyn Cheng, has survived cancer herself and connects with the participants on a deep level.

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