Wonder How Cancer REALLY Works? This Animated Video Is A Must-See!

Do you know how cancer cells grow? Or how they’re different than regular cells?

A cancer diagnosis can be a confusing and terrifying time, especially if you don’t understand how cancer cells work (or if you think you know, but the details from your high school biology class are a little blurry.)

We’re here to help!

This fantastic animation from TED-Ed breaks down cell division and the treatments we use to fight it. Using vibrant animation, it explains what’s going on in your body when a cells grow normally, and then what happens when it mutates. It discusses the most common treatment options, and quickly explains why the side effects that go hand-in-hand with chemo even happen.

Understanding your diagnosis can help make the unknown seem a bit more navigable. Take a look at the video below, and then check out our post here to learn more about the side effects of chemotherapy.

Remember, knowledge is power.

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