Advice to Men on Being a Caregiver When Your Partner Has Cancer

Men Against Breast Cancer is a nonprofit organization which aims to educate and empower men to be there for the women they love and join in the fight against breast cancer. The people involved in this organization understand that breast cancer isn’t just a women’s fight; it’s a men’s fight too, not only because men can develop breast cancer, but also because all people need to work together in the battle against this horrific disease if it’s ever going to be won.

Marc Heyison started Men Against Breast Cancer in 1999 after his mother, Gloria, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992. She is alive, he says, because of the resources available to her for early detection, and he wants to get men involved to help make those resources available to all women. He also wants to educate men on how they can help when someone they love has cancer.

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“Most men want to fix it,” says Heyison. “What we have to realize with this is we can’t fix this. But what we can do and what we must do is be there for the woman we love. And that’s up to the family and the couple to decide what works best for each other.”

Photo: ABC7 WJLA
Photo: ABC7 WJLA

In the video below, Heyison describes some of the best ways men can be caregivers for the women they love and why he doesn’t have a “top-10” list of things you can do for your wife, since breast cancer is different for every person and every family. Check it out!

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