Here Are A Few Women I NEVER Thought I’d See With Mastectomy Scars

Cancer has a way of affecting those we least expect. For artist Alexsandro Palombo, it was his best friend.

“She was so young, so beautiful, a great personality and she was talented,” he told BuzzFeed. “[She was] one of those person [sic] you would never think something so devastating can happen to.”

Inspired to spread awareness in her name, Alexsandro decided to create a one-of-a-kind art series, which demonstrates that “no one is immune to cancer.” Not even Disney princesses.

All photos courtesy of AleXsandro Palombo.



Palombo was inspired to use cartoon beauty icons like Disney princesses and Betty Boop as symbols of “hope, beauty, and courage,” for all cancer survivors.



Palombo was drawn to visual art four years ago when he developed a rare form of cancer himself. “Since then I decided to dedicate myself more strongly to social activism through art,” he said to Buzzfeed.


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Palombo describes the series as a “powerful reflection on the disease, mastectomy and its effects, female identity and acceptance.”

“Every woman is beautiful, even after a mastectomy. And every woman should know that.”

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