Cartooning Against Cancer

After being diagnosed with bilateral disease in 2010, I decided to fight back with humor! I carried a small notebook with me and sketched a cartoon when I thought of something that struck me as silly or absurd about my situation. I drew the cartoons in the waiting rooms and in the hospital, at home and while on the road. The only problem was: Help! I can’t draw! I was embarrassed by my lack of skill, but decided to show the cartoons to people anyway. Guess what? They laughed, and that made us all feel good. Now I’m collecting cartoons (mine and hopefully others – c’mon you real artists!) for a book that can be sold for fundraising.

I wish I could be a real artist, but cancer teaches you that you have to use what you’ve got. You don’t have to be an a professional to lighten up someone else’s day, just share the smile, it’s enough.

Kate Matthews
Sonora, CA

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