Say Goodbye To Waiting And Worrying After An Inconclusive Mammogram

Inconclusive mammograms are a big deal. Anyone who’s had one knows how stressful it is to have to wait for an inconclusive mammogram result to be resolved, which could take weeks. More screening, more money, more waiting, more worrying.

Sadly, inconclusive mammograms are more common than we’d like them to be. Breast tissue, particularly dense breast tissue, often disguises tumors under a whitish film. The tumors blend in with the normal tissue, and the result is a game of hide-and-seek that none of us want to have to play.

But SenoBright Contrast-Enhanced Spectral Mammography could wipe out that worry almost completely. The technology uses an “iodinated contrast agent and low radiation dose” and functions almost like a filter for a traditional mammogram; it takes an unclear image and dims the bright white dense breast tissue that often masks cancerous tumors, making them far more easily visible.

Pretty much all that’s left in the image after the application of CESM is the outline of the breast and the cancer inside it. Or, better yet, just the outline of the breast! CESM is helping many patients rest easier knowing their breast tissue is not hiding tumors.

Now, when doctors get an inconclusive mammogram result at the Pink Lotus Breast Center, they can immediately offer a CESM screening that will allow the patient to know that same day what the more conclusive results are. And the procedure takes just ten minutes!

Watch the video below to see how CESM works and hear from the lovely ladies at the Pink Lotus Breast Center about how CESM is changing their lives and their patients’ lives!

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