That Sound You’re Hearing Is the Collective “Aww”s of the Millions of People Watching This Kid Dance

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Back in 2012, Lionsgate postponed their remake of 80’s box office darling Dirty Dancing, blaming “casting reasons” for the delay. Well, somebody call up the front office because the search is over. An eight-year-old future dance phenomenon – better known to the Internet simply as Charlie – is winning our hearts all over again with his endearing take on the film’s climactic dance scene. Be prepared for three minutes of sheer adorable.

And good luck, Charlie!

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Gustav Wilhelm was born and raised on the fishing vessel, the Plucky Pinniped. Like his parents, Gustav spent much of his life at sea, reading a weathered copy of A Farewell to Arms, curating his magnificent beard, and as one might expect, fishing. After a particularly violent ocean storm left Gustav marooned on a deserted island, he befriended a pair of penguin chicks – Sidney and Evgeni – who took up residence in his luscious beard. Adapting to his new terrestrial life, Gustav took up blogging with hope of one day returning to the sea.
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