QUIZ: How Should You Pass the Time During Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is no fun for anybody. You’re helpless to make the process go any faster, and you have no way of knowing for sure just yet whether or not it’s working. The whole thing is a big game of hurry-up-and-wait. So you’re definitely going to need something to keep you busy while you’re waiting. The question now is what activity will make you happiest? Which will best relieve your boredom and make you feel calm, cool, and collected?

You deserve to do whatever you feel like doing while you’re undergoing chemo. But in case you’re not sure what that is, we’re here to help.

Maybe you should take up knitting or read a new book. Or perhaps bringing a friend along to talk to is more your style. You could even pass the time by making a photo or video journal to share with your friends and family later. The possibilities are endless!

Take the quiz below to find out which chemo-friendly activity is the one that will suit your needs. Then share this personality quiz with your friends! If you’ve got a better idea for an activity you can do while having chemotherapy treatment, tell us about it in the comments so we can share it with others!


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