This Time-Lapse Video Shows What Breast Cancer Treatment Looks Like In One Year

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Emily Helck was diagnosed with breast cancer at 28. She endured a double mastectomy, chemo, radiation, and was on Herceptin. Already a talented writer and artist, she documented parts of her journey in her blog, aptly titled “The Real”  — and her musings will kick you in the gut with their honesty.

Diagnosed in July of 2012, she took pictures throughout her treatment, then compiled a year’s worth of photos into a time-lapse video.

Per her post on her blog, “I’m still not completely sure why I took these photos. At first it had to do with documenting the hair saga. But it wound up becoming about something else, too. The photos became hash marks scratched on the wall, marking time spent inhabiting the world of this disease. Every time I set up the tripod was another week down. Or was it another week lost?”

Emily is still keeping up with her blog and wrestling with the mental aftermath of going through the disease. She is also working on a book about her experiences and is currently part of a clinical trial for a breast cancer vaccine.

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C. Kramer is back in the Mitten State after a brief residency in the Sunshine State. She has an adorable dog-child, and enjoys reading, writing, going to the theatre, and finding pins on Pinterest. Her mother is a breast cancer survivor.
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