Team Chemo Savvy Is Showing The World That Breast Cancer Survivors Are POWERFUL.

Many breast cancer survivors face complex challenges as they adapt to a changed body. But humans are an amazingly resilient species; the stories of breast cancer survivors going on to do things the rest of the world would have thought was impossible are plentiful.

One group of survivors in Winnipeg has taken to the water to find community and camaraderie in the form of dragon boat racing. Despite issues like lymphedema, phantom breast pain, and weakened pectoral muscles, they have soldiered on to compete in dragon boat races.

Team Chemo Savvy offers their paddlers the health benefits of a good work out and the social bonds of a group of women who have fought against breast cancer and won.

They also use races to spread the message of self-exams and mammograms as key preventative tactics in the fight against breast cancer. Just wait until you hear their team song!

Watch the video and tell us what activities make you feel empowered!

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