Chemotherapy After Surgery – Is It For You?

One of the major decisions to be made after a breast cancer diagnosis is what treatment or treatments should be utilized for the best possible outcome.

Even if surgery is in your future, it may not be the only treatment necessary to completely eradicate the cancer; chemotherapy preceding or following surgery may be a good idea as well.

The best option is different for each person, and the decision regarding chemotherapy is a personal one. There are certainly pros and cons regarding chemotherapy after surgery, and different types of chemotherapy will likely yield different outcomes. Your oncologist and breast cancer care team can help you make an appropriate decision for you.

In this video, Dr. Margileth discusses the benefit to undergoing chemotherapy after surgery and talks about some of the factors that are to be considered when deciding whether a patient should undergo chemotherapy and what type.

Click below to hear Dr. Margileth’s take on the subject.

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