Chick-fil-A Stops Everything To Pray For Team Member With Breast Cancer

A lot of companies talk about caring for their employees. But the Chick-fil-A restaurant in the small town of Belmont, North Carolina cares a lot about Ms. Trish, one of the location’s best-loved employees. Chick-fil-A cares more about Ms. Trish than they do about selling chicken sandwiches—and that’s really saying something!

Ms. Trish had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and she had to take some time off from work. On the day of her surgery, the staff and patrons at the Belmont location offered more than just promised thoughts and prayers, they stopped everything and prayed for her right in the restaurant. Customers were in line, people were eating their meals, and staff were taking orders when the Belmont manager politely stopped everything and announced to everyone that Ms. Trish was going into surgery that day. “Today’s a rough day for us,” he said.

Photo: FOX 46 Web Staff
Photo: FOX 46 Web Staff

He invited everyone to pause and bow their heads. “I’m not great at this, but I’m going to do my best,” he said. He then bowed his head, and both staff and customers joined him. The manager asked for God to protect Ms. Trish, asked that the surgeons would be at their best that day, and asked that Ms. Trish be back with them as soon as possible.

“We need her back here. She is our light. She is a pillar in the community for us, and everybody here loves her so much,” he said.

Photo: FOX 46 Web Staff
Photo: FOX 46 Web Staff

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When the prayer ended, the manager said “Amen,” and then it sounds like almost everyone in the restaurant said “Amen” together.

It was such a kind moment. Everyone stopped their busyness, stopped working, stopped thinking about their food, and took a few moments to pray for someone who was a friend, a coworker, and for some, a complete stranger. We so appreciate people who are willing to prioritize caring for others over the demands of the day.

Photo: FOX 46 Web Staff
Photo: FOX 46 Web Staff

Perhaps not everyone in the restaurant that day knew Ms. Trish or believed in God, but they all bowed their heads respectfully in support of someone going through cancer. It was a beautiful moment, and we’re glad someone shared it so that others can be encouraged.

Next time you eat a chicken sandwich, think about something kind you can do for someone else!

Watch the Chick-fil-A staff and customers stop to pray below!

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