This Stage IV Cancer Patient’s Post About Lemons Went Viral For All The Right Reasons

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When it comes to breast cancer discovery, the most common story one hears is, “I felt a lump.” And for good reason — monthly self-checks can (and do!) save lives through early detection, as knowing how your breasts typically feel makes it easier to feel a difference.

But, it’s not always a lump.

And self-checks involve more than pressing your fingers against your breast tissue occasionally in the shower.

Photo: Facebook/Erin Smith Chieze

It’s important to check for lumps, yes — but do you know what your breasts look like? I mean, really look like?

Breast cancer survivor Erin Smith Chieze knew what to feel for, but it wasn’t until she saw an image similar to the one in her post below (sourced from the Facebook page that started the Know Your Lemons campaign) that she knew what to look for.

So the day she saw a similar indentation in her own breast, she knew something was wrong.

Photo: Facebook/Erin Smith Chieze

“I knew what breast cancer was,” she says in her post. “I knew all about self exams, but a picture of what to look for keyed me into knowing I had a terminal disease. We need to give REAL information, not cute hearts. Without having seen a picture randomly with real information, I wouldn’t have known what to look for.”

Chieze couldn’t feel a lump, but five days later she was diagnosed with breast cancer. A month after that, she found out she was stage IV — the cancer had spread.

She shared her experience on Facebook to raise awareness, as early detection can help so much in fighting off the disease.

Now it’s time to do your part. Share this post. You could save someone’s life, and it could even be your own.

Learn more about Chieze’s story in her Facebook post below.

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