Cholesterol Lowering Drugs May Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer

It's been widely reported that high levels of estrogen can contribute to the growth of tumors. Now new research is coming out that cholesterol may have similar effects on the body.

According the the BBC, researchers at Duke University Medical Centre showed how cholesterol is broken down by the body into 27HC. This molecule mimics estrogen and the influence it has on developing breast cancer.

These findings were published in the journal Science and the researchers believe that cholesterol-lowering medicine called statins could be the key to helping people lower their risk of cancer.

"This study is intriguing as it shows for the first time a direct link between cholesterol and breast cancer in mice – but it's too early to say how this knowledge might help tackle breast cancer in the future," Dr. Emma Smith, from Cancer Research UK, told the source.

There are a variety of ways to lower your cholesterol. In addition to pharmaceutical drugs, you can eat more fiber and stick to an exercise routine. Also, you can adopt a low-fat diet, but consult with a health care provider to determine what is best for you.

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