Breast Cancer Survivor Turns Tragedy Into Triumph

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Breast cancer has taken away the quality of life for many of our friends and families. We sit helplessly watching them struggle with chemotherapy, radiation treatment and post-surgery complications. It is often difficult to think about how we would deal with a devastating diagnosis or a debilitating disease, but for Cinde Dolphin, she wasn’t just thinking about it, she was coping with it over and over again. Dolphin, after battling cancer four times, set out to triumph over tragedy and help breast cancer patients cope with an innovative invention.

Reality can be grueling for many of us. Dolphin is no stranger to a cruel reality. She not only battled cancer four times and was subject to nine surgeries, she was also laid off from her corporate job, not once, but three times, according to The Sacramento Bee.

Dolphin could have spent her days bitter, angry and resentful, but instead she chose to turn her tragic experiences into something positive for other cancer patients. In the process, she became an entrepreneur. Dolphin started her own business based on her own experiences. She invented a post-surgery medical drain, a solution to one of the most common trials and tribulations of cancer patients. The plastic drain is covered by a bag that has a hand-sewn label created by Dolphin. Her product is now used in the hospital where she was treated.

Dolphin found a way to survive cancer while providing hope for others. She sets her own hours and has the freedom to enjoy a cancer-free lifestyle now, reports The New York Times. She spent 20 years fighting a disease that takes the lives of millions of people and she conquered it by surviving surgeries, creating a device that simplifies treatment for cancer patients and establishing a career as a business owner. Her story is one of courage, determination and inspiration. You, too, can bring inspiration to others by supporting the Breast Cancer Site.

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