What An Inspiration! After Making This Decision, Claira Has Realized Just How Powerful She Is As A Person

Claira lost her mother and her sister to breast cancer, and she found out that she has a hereditary form of breast cancer about six or seven years ago. Ever since then, she’s known that she would eventually get a preventative double mastectomy — it was just a matter of when.

Initially, she wanted to wait to do the surgery until she had a husband or steady boyfriend, but now she’s ready to take action. “I am so much more than my boobs,” she says. “I think that this procedure has made me really aware of how how powerful I am as a person, regardless of my boobs, regardless of my legs, regardless of my bum. None of that should be what carries you as a person, or what you attach your identity to.”

Watch the video to learn more about her decision!

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