This Hollywood Star Cuts Off Her Hair To Inspire A Little Girl

Clare Bowen, who plays Scarlett O’Connor on Nashville, recently gained a lot of attention when she chopped off her famously long locks. The actress with a beautiful voice is now using it to send a positive message to her fans on her Facebook page!

After debuting her new pixie cut, Bowen revealed she was diagnosed with a nephroblastoma at the age of four. Her cancer caused her to spend an extended period of time in the hospital. During her stay, Bowen made friends with other children undergoing drastic surgeries and extreme treatments—children who, like her, were fighting for their lives. In a Facebook post, the actress reflected upon her time spent in what became known as the “White Palace”, she noted the solidarity amongst she and her peers, specifically the way in which they never judged one another for their appearances.

“Every scar tells a story, every bald head, every dark circle, every prosthetic limb, and every reflection in a mirror that you might not recognize anymore.”

Woods. Caught by @tmjbowen.

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After hearing a story about a young girl lamenting her inability to be a princess due to her lack of long hair, the actress drew upon her personal experiences, and was inspired to send a message to the girl and others like her:

“…that’s not what makes a princess, or a warrior, or a superhero. It’s not what makes you beautiful either. It’s your insides that count… even if you happen to be missing half of them.”

Wanna know why I cut it all off? Link in bio. Caught by @josephllanes A photo posted by Clare Bowen (@clarembee) on

Bowen went on to request that we all look beyond appearances and find the beauty within. She urges us to harness our own self-esteem and do our best not to damage others’. Her message is a lovely reminder of the importance of thinking twice before judging others.

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