NFL Player Gives Birthday Boy The Ball After A Scoring Touchdown

Going to your first football game is always exciting. It’s a lot different than watching a game on TV, and sometimes a player will do something that makes the game even more special.

Every so often, a player will treat a fan to something special and that’s what recently happened at a Cleveland Browns game.

A running back for the Cleveland Browns, Demetric Felton, was getting ready for the game when he happened to spot a young fan near the field and stopped to chat.

Cleveland Browns
Photo: flickr/Erik Drost

Felton heard that it was the boy’s first football game ever and it was also his 16th birthday! Needless to say, it was a special day for the young man and Felton decided to make it even more special.

When Felton scored a touchdown, he took the ball in his hands and ran off the field, handing it off to the boy in the stands! Talk about a birthday present.

Cleveland Browns Football
Photo: Instagram/clevelandbrowns
Demetric Felton
Photo: Instagram/clevelandbrowns

The moment was captured on video and shared on Instagram by the Cleveland Browns. They captioned the video, “This young fan will never forget this birthday present,” and we can’t imagine he will!

Watch the sweet interaction below:

Have you ever been to a Browns game? Let us know!

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