This Flash Mob Is Incredible, From The Voices To The Dancing! A Must-See!

Have you ever been caught in the middle of a surprise flash mob? We imagine it would be quite the experience, especially if it was a flash mob raising cancer awareness!

We’re seriously impressed at how this many people managed to keep their “closer to free” t-shirts hidden from view until it was time for the big event to unfold. When you look at the original view of the space, you don’t think that many people are even there. But then the station fills up out of nowhere!

It’s so good to see so many people coming together for one ultimate goal, and it’s such a selfless goal too. All of these people are cancer survivors, and they just want to help other people battling the disease get the help they deserve. It would be so easy to be angry that you had to go through something like that, but these people are stepping up and trying to make life better for others!

Watch these inspiring cancer survivors and their kids entertain the travelers at Union Station.

Well done, everyone!

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