If Blue Is For The Ocean And Yellow Is For The Flowers, Then What Does Pink Mean?

We’ve seen them all: those online articles that tell you what your favorite color tells you about your personality. It’s all so subjective mostly based on culture, aesthetic associations, and (primarily) context. But we thought we’d use this science for good! We’ve come up with our own “color personality” chart based on the classic crayon colors, with meanings that we think you will agree with. Check out our real color chart for the Breast Cancer Site!

What does your favorite color say about you?



Pink means you are a leader. You are a strong member of the breast cancer community whose flag is a pink ribbon. Pink is the color for triumph over breast cancer. And pink means solidarity, that none of us have to go through this alone!


Orange means you are strong. Orange is the strength to push through your fight. Orange is for the hundreds of glasses of OJ that you drank every morning before going to chemotherapy. Orange is for the sun setting after a hard day, and for the warmth of the rising sun which keeps us moving into the future.


Blue means you are calm. Blue is for the deep sea waves that calm our nerves when there is a storm inside us. Blue is for our family and friends who, while the world seems to be falling apart, keep us calm so that we may win this battle!


Black means that you are powerful. The night sky is painted in large swaths of black and this blackness contains the stars above. Black represents the infinite capacity you share with the universe and the ability to help the light of others shine.


Red means you’re passionate. Red is for the bright blood that pumps through your veins. Red is for the fire you posses that keeps others warm when their spirit grows cold. You’re the type to proudly show off your beautiful bald head. And red is for your heart, which you gladly share with others.


Green means that you are full of growth. Green represents the growing plants around us that keep the world full of oxygen. Green means that you won’t stop becoming the person you’re meant to be. Green also mean that, like the forest, you are full of life.


Yellow means you are full of hope. Yellow represents the flowers of spring, when the earth is reborn anew after the cold winter. Yellow is for the honey bees who keep those flowers blooming and still know how to dance!


Purple says that you are unique. Purple is a color that is not often found in nature and stands out against the crowd. You’re one to rock those colorful head scarves! Purple means that your contribution to the world is unlike anyone else’s and that you as an individual are an important piece of the network that surrounds you!

Which color did you choose?

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