Son Loses 300 Pounds, Becomes Eligible To Be Living Donor For His Dad

Colton Lowe and his dad, Edward, have always had a very close relationship, so when Edward was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver failure this past February, Colton’s life was turned upside down.

Without hesitation, 23-year-old Colton asked doctors if he could donate part of his liver to his father.

Photo: YouTube/KHOU 11

You have to have a BMI of at most 32 to be eligible to be a living donor, and Colton was now at 30. Doctors said he was eligible, but if it was last year, Colton would most definitely not have been able to donate.

In April of 2021, Colton weighed 478 pounds, did not live a healthy lifestyle, and had lost all confidence.

Photo: YouTube/KHOU 11

He spent months fixing a car with his dad, and when it was finally time to give it a test drive, Colton couldn’t fit in it.

This was certainly a wake-up call for Colton. In that moment, he decided to make his life healthier and underwent weight loss surgery.

Since then, he’s lost nearly 300 pounds.

Photo: YouTube/KHOU 11

Not only did it help himself become healthier and in a better position in his own life, but he is now able to give his father the gift of life, if needed.

Just before Father’s Day, they received the amazing news that a perfect match was found for Edward. But if this liver transplant falls through, they have the relief of knowing that Colton will now be able to donate part of his liver as a living donor for his dad.

Hear his inspiring story in the video below:

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