Man Sent a Complaint to CPS Against His Ex-Wife’s Unjustifiable Treatment Toward Her Adopted Children

Adopting a child is a decision that requires a plan which will cover the future. Wanting a child of your own is not a sufficient reason to gain full custody of them. A potential parent must be qualified based on the standards of the state. For this reason, you can’t just adopt a kid and take advantage of your parental rights. You can’t just abandon or neglect them once you provide them a place to live — they need a home.

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And although some people pass the qualifications of adopting a child, the issues arise after a couple or more years. In some cases, children become victims of abuse and neglect. This usually happens when the parents weren’t well qualified or prepared to adopt a child or when they have a child of their own and no longer want the adopted one(s). The adopted kid gets ignored or treated like a toy that can be replaced or abandoned anytime. When issues like this arise, it’s up to the people around them who see the problem to report it to Child Protective Services — no child should ever have their youth stolen due to irresponsible parenting.

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A Reddit user has opened up about a situation regarding adopted kids, placing him in a very tight spot. According to Sad_Cantaloupe_7175, he sent a complaint to CPS against his ex-wife, Sally. The woman was persistent in leaving her adopted kids to him because she didn’t “need” the kids anymore. Sally’s reason was based on the fact that she already has a biological daughter. The Reddit user also pointed out that Sally had problems with the ethnicity of the kids she took. His ex-wife wanted the decision to be a part of the divorce proceedings, but he just couldn’t afford to have any more children.

“When I married my soon-to-be ex, she had four bio children (15m, 13m, 11m, and 6f) and two adopted daughters (11 Colombia, 7 S.Korea). We have one child, 2m. In addition, my two (11f, 9 m) from my previous relationship live with me full time, as their mother doesn’t really care much about her custody time,” he explained. Moreover, Sally’s adopted kids did not see him as a father figure, as they were still attached to the woman’s previous partner. With how problematic the situation was, he had to consult the authorities.

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“I called CPS on her, and they contacted her ex-Hb workplace, as he works with children. He is temporary on unpaid leave while being investigated for neglect. Sally will now be investigated too. In the meantime, CPS has custody of all her children. My son is with me.”

Sally wasn’t pleased with how things went, which strained their relationship even more. However, people from the comment section weren’t delighted with her either. She was the main problem of the situation — how could she adopt kids and quickly decide to abandon them?

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The comments under the Reddit post were all fired up, and they couldn’t help but question Sally’s decisions in life. BlueBell2019 wrote, “JFC. Those poor kids. They adopted the kids and then had a daughter, so they no longer needs or wants them? Who are these awful people. Kids aren’t dogs you rehome. I guess you had no other choice, I don’t know what else you could do. NTA.” A lot of people agreed with the comment, and it earned 16.4k upvotes. It validated Sad_Cantaloupe_7175’s choice to have the CPS involved with the kids.

People on Reddit couldn’t help but feel bad for the children. Bloodrayna commented, “This. I feel terrible for these two adopted kids. Why they were ever placed with someone like Sally is beyond me. NTA because OP can’t support the kids and has no relationship with them, but both their adoptive parents are awful.” Sally’s issue made thousands of people aware of how troubling the process of adopting kids is. They couldn’t help but question how easy it is for people like Sally to pass the qualifications. Social workers shouldn’t be lenient in providing orphaned children with a family.

The conversation on Reddit is still hot, and people have been hoping for Sally to get what she deserves. You can read the full story on the platform and might as well join the discussion. We’re so glad this Redditor had the guts to make the call, even though it may have been difficult. It’s so important that we work together to make sure all children are in loving and safe environments.

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