Convertible Ride, Anyone?

Read Sheri’s hilariously moving account of recovering from breast cancer:

I have homework from my health care providers. The general surgeon has me doing range-of-motion exercises in an effort to regain as much use of my left arm as possible. My dietitian has me drinking two smoothies a day to get antioxidants and protein for strength and healing. And my plastic surgeon feels very strongly about having me massage the incision areas to keep scar tissue down and also massage the places where the expanders are, to keep them pliable.

I’m proud to say that I have been following most orders pretty well and doing what I can to promote healing and build up my immune system. I’ve been exercising most days, watching what I eat, and getting good rest.

I’ve also been diligent in massaging “every hour on the hour” whenever I’m at home. Anyway, when I left my plastic surgeon’s office after having more saline injected recently, it was a beautiful day. I put the top down on my orange Mini Cooper and was looking forward to shopping for new clothes for an upcoming meeting. I drove away and stopped at a red light. Mindlessly I found myself following directions, massaging my new, larger breasts and feeling pretty good about how I looked. At that moment, I looked up — the guy in the truck next to me was getting quite an eyeful! The light couldn’t change fast enough, and I’ve never been happier to shift into first gear and start rolling! Some days all I can do is laugh out loud at how outrageous this whole thing is. I hope you are smiling, too. And no, I don’t have a picture.

Sheri Kay
Amherst, OH

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