Breast Cancer Survivor Shares What The Books DIDN’T Tell Her Before Her Mastectomy

Coralee was diagnosed with breast cancer after she discovered a suspicious lump in her breast while lying out on the beach. The lump as about the size of a lemon, far too large to have been there for very long without being noticed. Coralee knew right away that it must be a fast-growing cancer, so she went to the doctor to have it checked out.

With no history of cancer in her family, the lump, which did turn out to be cancer, came as a shock. Not having anyone in her family who had been through something similar before also left her feeling she had nowhere to turn to learn more about her condition and what to expect as she went through treatment. She read books and thought she was prepared, but she was still scared to death to go through with her mastectomy.

Photo: YouTube/Tony Bailey
Photo: YouTube/Tony Bailey

Coralee wanted to make a video that would answer some of the questions she wish someone had answered for her before she went through all of this. Her experience was not like anything she read about in her books, and she wants others know that not every breast cancer case is “textbook.”

Photo: Adobe Stock/Wayhome Studio
Photo: Adobe Stock/Wayhome Studio

In the video below, Coralee discusses the decision to have surgery and the complications that came after.

Learn more about Coralee’s story in the video below and get some answers to your most pressing questions about breast cancer and what to expect.

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