This Husband and Wife Have BOTH Battled Breast Cancer!

Gwen and Anthony have been married almost 40 years, which is an accomplishment in and of itself. They’ve been through hardships together, been parents together, and been grandparents together. But their most recent accomplishment will make your jaw drop. They battled cancer as a couple, each developing a separate case of breast cancer but working through their treatments together.

A few years ago, on Gwen’s 50th birthday, she was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. Despite her worries about her future and their children’s future, she conquered the disease with the support of her husband.

Then Tony was diagnosed. During his treatment, the doctor asked him what his plans were for the future. After Tony told him about his plans to eventually retire, purchase a motor home, and spend time with family, the doctor said, “You need to do that within six months.”

Gwen and Tony were floored to learn that the prognosis for Tony’s case of breast cancer was so bleak — but they didn’t let the doctor’s prediction stop them from fighting!

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