10 Things to Pack for Chemo Treatments

Chemo treatments may last for hours in a medical facility far from home. Pack some comfort items, goodies and things to do in a bag that you bring with you to every treatment. These items help you feel more comfortable and more relaxed in strange surroundings.


A travel-sized pillow helps your head lean back against the chair. This prevents stiffness in your neck.



Bring some of your favorite snacks in case you get hungry. Check with your doctor to see if any foods may interfere with the chemo drugs.



Drink bottled water to help prevent dehydration headaches. Water also helps flush the chemo’s toxins from your body.


Warm Blanket

Medical facilities can be cold, so bring a warm blanket to cover with while you’re there.


Socks or Slippers

Your feet may get cold because of the air conditioning inside, so bring socks or slippers to feel more comfortable.


Music With Headphones

Bring your favorite musical device, such as an iPod or other portable music player, and listen to your favorite tunes with your headphones or earbuds. You might not realize how fast the time goes when you finish your favorite playlist.


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Laptop Computer

Many medical facilities have wireless internet connections. Bring your laptop to stay busy as you respond to emails, check social media or play computer games during your treatment.


To-Do Lists

Organize your to-do lists and get some work done while you sit there. Do some paperwork, balance your budget or organize your life so you don’t have to worry about these things when you get home.


Favorite Entertainment

Whether you love mobile games with the latest app, watching movies on your tablet device or reading the latest bestseller from your favorite author, bring your favorite entertainment with you. Think about crocheting, completing crossword puzzles or that giant book of sudoku you’ve been meaning to finish.



Write about your thoughts, feelings and experiences in a journal. Writing may help express your thoughts as you go through each treatment.


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