This Woman Refused To Live In Fear Any Longer And Set Out To Face 100 Fears Head On!

One woman’s quest to overcome her fears took approximately 100 days in the spring and summer of 2015. After embarking on a separate quest to earn a master’s degree in New York, Michelle Poler chose to conquer one fear per day over the course of 100 days. Even better, she posted all of her anxieties, phobias and fears on YouTube for everyone to see through the channel “100 Days Without Fear.” In addition to her videos, the Venezuelan native interacts with fans on Facebook, and also explains the purpose of her journey on her own website created for the monumental undertaking.


In the Beginning

Poler’s initial video about her crusade lasted 40 seconds on YouTube. The simple video explains the young woman’s fear of roller coasters, dogs, exotic foods and skydiving. Her first fear to conquer was accepting the challenge to overcome her fear-based obstacles. One GoPro camera later, and Poler faces her phobophobia, or fear of fears, head on for everyone to see. Poler’s ultimate goal is to live life to the fullest.


Media Coverage

CNN picked up on the young woman’s inspirational journey. The news outlet mashed up videos regarding fears of snakes, spiders, public speaking, needles and dancing like no one’s watching. Poler said, “New York is not the place to be fearful.” The huge city also offers her plenty of chances to move forward and to remove any self-made limitations placed on her life. Other media coverage follows the young lady’s attempts to pose nude for an art class and to walk around the city in just a bikini.

“Poler’s ultimate goal is to live life to the fullest.”


Follow Her Quest

Daily Facebook posts show what Poler does on any given day, and she explains her fear for the following day. On July 27, 2015 — Day 81 — Poler let her followers on Periscope choose her activities for the day. She conquered this fear a day after job hunting in the highly competitive New York City labor market. The quest’s official Web page for 100 Days Without Fear posts Poler’s feelings before, during and after each conquered fear with a cute emoji-meter.

No matter the outcome, Poler’s personal journey of exploration serves as a model for everyone who has lived in fear of the unknown. If this art student can accomplish nearly impossible things at this young age, and in just 100 days, imagine what she can do with 1,000 days, or 10,000 days. Watch Poler’s video, and follow her example of how to expand your horizons and move beyond the limitations found only in your own perception.


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