This Man’s 24-Hour Cycling Ride to Vegas Is Making Our Hearts Swell

When detected and treated in its early stages, breast cancer is a very survivable disease. However, an estimated 1 million breast cancer cases go undiagnosed. Furthermore, low-income, uninsured or underinsured women can go untreated due to the prohibitive cost of cancer care.

On April 23, 2016, triathlete Andy Funk set out on a bike ride meant to change that. Starting off from Los Angeles, Andy pedaled 365 miles through a freezing night and then a sweltering desert to become the first person to get to Las Vegas in 24 hours by bicycle.

His goal was to raise $1 million to help underserved women receive the breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment services they need. He also completed the challenge without a support team to simulate the suffering many of these women go through on their own.

Andy Funk isn’t the only person attempting superhuman feats in the name of breast cancer awareness. Discover how Mary Gooze, fighting stage-four metastatic breast cancer, is taking on the challenge of swimming across many different bodies of water here.

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