8 Ways To Brighten A Cancer Patient’s Day

People with chronic illnesses, such as cancer, undergo a lot of physical, psychological and emotional change. They require support from family and friends to keep going past the pain and trauma. Here are 8 things that you can do to make a cancer patient’s day better.

8. Just Listen

Sometimes a listening ear is all that someone fighting cancer needs to be happy. Keep to the topics that interest them.

7. Organize Meals

During chemotherapy and radiotherapy, many patients can’t cook due to nausea. As explained by Health Central, ensure that your loved one gets their meals on time by organizing meal deliveries.

6. Buy a Parking Pass for Family Members

If the patient has a prolonged stay at the hospital, buy a parking pass so that the close family members who take care of the patient can have a reserved parking space.

5. Throw a Pajama Party

If they feel up to it, create vivid memories by throwing a pajama party. This gives the patient time to interact with friends and family.

4. Send a Housekeeper to Do the Cleaning

During treatment, patients may not have the energy to do household tasks. They would appreciate assistance in cleaning the house.

3. Give a Book or a Magazine Subscription

Get the patient a favorite book, or subscribe to their favorite magazine and have it delivered to their house.

2. Have Flowers Delivered

Send them flower deliveries. However, as explained by Huffington Post, if you are making a fresh flower delivery, ensure that the flowers would not cause infection by seeking advice from a doctor.

1. Take Care of Their Dog

Volunteer to walk their dog, and give the pup some food and a good grooming.

Which of these tips is your favorite?

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