8 Innovative Ideas That Solved Common Problems!

Sometimes it seems like everything has already been created, but new innovations are constantly being dreamed up. Here are some amazing inventions created by everyday people.

i-Pack Chemo Backpack

When Kylie Simonds, then 8 years old, was diagnosed with cancer, she got to thinking. Instead of dragging around a cumbersome IV pole, she came up with a backpack-style chemotherapy unit with bright colors so that kids could stay more comfortable and feel fashionable during their treatments.


People with Alzheimer’s and dementia are prone to wandering, which can lead to life-threatening situations. A 17-year-old named Kenneth Shinozuka used modern technology to streamline the design. The SafeWander button is a small and easy-to-wear device that lets family members keep track of loved ones with dementia via smartphone.


Vaccinations save lives, but delivering them to developing countries can be a problem due to the lack of refrigeration and electricity. Young inventor Anurudh Ganesan created a bicycle-powered cooler that lets health workers travel to remote areas without damaging fragile vaccines.


Originally designed as a portable breathalyzer to help prevent drunk driving, the company is also developing a program to help monitor oral health as of 2016. Inventor Charles Michael Yim appeared on the television show “Shark Tank,” where he successfully pitched his product.

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