This Young Woman Fighting Metastatic Breast Cancer Has Some Valuable Advice

Dealing with breast cancer is full of significant challenges. When it’s a stage IV diagnosis, sometimes those challenges can seem insurmountable; but there are ways to make the ordeal a little easier.

In this video, a courageous young woman named Alex shares her approach to coping with metastatic breast cancer. It’s not easy, certainly, and you can see tears pricking her eyes as she speaks. But this graceful fighter explains that it is important to spend time with loved ones and do things you enjoy, especially when you’re going through something so difficult.

“Just make the most of everything. I know it sounds like a cliche,” she says, “but it’s important to do things that you enjoy when having to go through something that’s so horrible.”

She also shares the time-worn advice to take it one day at a time, facing each day’s challenges and not borrowing trouble from the days ahead.

There’s a lot of solid advice packed into this video, and it’s barely over a minute long.

Take a look.

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