This Breast Cancer Patient Rejected Support Systems at First — and Then She Realized This

Sometimes all you need is a little support. That's what Alicia found out as a young woman battling cancer on her own. The 32-year-old was diagnosed with breast cancer and faced with the tough decision of undergoing a double mastectomy. While she initially thought she could handle the battle by herself, she soon realized that the challenges she faced were much more intimidating than anticipated.

The emotional impact of a procedure like a double mastectomy can be devastating, as breasts are something many people naturally equate with womanhood. Support groups are a powerful way to connect people who either have gone or are going through the same experience, to provide information, share their stories and, most importantly, offer compassion and support. Alicia found that through these support systems, she could learn to accept herself again and find the strength and courage she needed to persist in her battle.

Watch the video to hear from Alicia.

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