“Everything Will Be Okay” And Other Terrible Things To Say To A Cancer Patient

Have you ever been in a difficult situation and had someone close to you say something like, “Everything will be okay”? We’re guessing the answer is yes, and we’re also guessing you didn’t find their words terribly helpful to you in that moment.

When comforting a friend or loved one with a cancer diagnosis, positive energy might be the way to go. They are already fighting a tough fight, and they need words that bolster their spirit, rather than words that sound like a condolence message.

The key here is to make sure your positive energy also has an empathetic side, and perhaps a bit of a creative side. You don’t want anything you say to sound like you read it in a greeting card, and you want any offers of assistance or expressions of regret to sound sincere.

In this video, cancer survivor Amy Robach talks about what she liked and hated hearing when she was battling cancer. She also talks about how words of hope and inspiration are needed to help the cancer sufferer maintain a positive spirit.

If a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer, it may be hard to know how to help her. Read this to learn some ways in which you can show support to someone fighting the battle.

Watch the video below to find out what some of the best and worst things are that you can say to a cancer patient.

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