These Breast Cancer Survivors Are Boxing Their Way to Healing!

A group of nearly 40 brave Indiana breast cancer survivors has found a novel way of fighting back to fitness following cancer treatment. Every week these determined women put on their gloves and punch their way through a 60-minute workout at the Title Boxing Gym in Fishers, Indiana. On the receiving end of the women’s right hooks are hefty 100-pound punch bags.

The regular exercise during the workout helps improve muscle strength and increases cardiovascular fitness. This, in turn, re-energizes minds and bodies, helping to promote healing. There are also many benefits from meeting and training with fellow survivors who have a shared understanding of breast cancer.

The popular weekly exercise also provides excellent training for the women’s other passion: dragon boat racing.

These feisty women are all members of the Indy SurviveOars rowing team, participating in dragon boat racing several times a year in locations as far away as Florida. The women handle 50-foot boats, with the help of a sweep (steerer) and a drummer who pounds out the beat. Any breast cancer survivor is welcome to join the team, which practices three times a week in the competition season.

The Indy SurviveOars even held a successful fundraising event at the boxing club in which trainers, friends and family all joined together to support the Indy SurviveOars team members. The funds raised enabled them to purchase a new customized boat painted in the team colors of pink.

Title Boxing Gym also encourages the use of boxing to help men and women fight muscular diseases such as Parkinson’s.

Medical experts are confident in the role regular physical exercise plays in recovering from and fighting off a recurrence of cancer. Some women say they feel fitter than they ever did, even before they commenced treatment. Learn more in the video below.

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