8 “Quick” Ways to Calm a Crying Baby!

Your sweet baby brings plenty of joy, but new parenthood also comes with its share of tears. No two babies are the same, so having several baby soothing tricks in your bag can keep you from shedding your own tears of frustration. Motion, sound and snug surroundings are common ways to dry those tears and return to smiles.

Car Ride

Slip your fussy baby into the car seat, and go for a soothing ride. The constant motion and vibrations are often enough to ease the tears. If those long sleepless nights have you feeling drowsy, use the vibrations of the washing machine to calm your baby instead. Stand next to the car seat on the washing machine the entire time to ensure your little one stays safe.

Massage for Baby

That soothing feeling you get during a massage can have the same effect on your fussy baby. You don’t need a massage therapy license to give your baby a massage. Use firm pressure and slow strokes with a little baby lotion on your baby’s arms, legs, chest and face. Regular massage may even help your little one sleep better.

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