8 “Quick” Ways to Calm a Crying Baby!


Being wrapped up in a blanket may not sound ideal to you, but your little one feels a sense of snug security similar to the womb. Use a lightweight blanket to keep your baby snug and tight without overheating. Keep your babies hips and legs loose rather than tight and straight to prevent hip problems.

Swing Away Tears

That cute baby swing you chose comes in handy during those tearful times. Strap your baby securely into the swing for a soothing motion that may rock her to sleep. Lights and sounds on many swings can also help distract your baby. If your baby insists on being held, rock her back and forth in your arms.

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Sing a Lullaby

Staying calm when your baby is fussy isn’t always easy, but singing a lullaby can help both of you calm down. Your voice is a welcome sound to your upset baby. Sing in a soothing voice to calm your baby and keep your own stress levels low.

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