8 “Quick” Ways to Calm a Crying Baby!


Strap your baby on your chest for a combination of snuggling, motion and sound to dry those tears. Wearing your baby in a sling keeps your hands free so you can finally get things done while holding your baby close to your warm, smell and sounds. Your movement adds an extra soothing layer to lull your baby into a calm, relaxed state.

Change of Scenery

If your baby can’t calm down inside, step outside for a change of scenery. The breeze and sound of the outdoors can be enough of a distraction to calm your baby. Protect your baby’s skin from the sun’s rays, and make sure he stay warm enough.

White Noise

White noise gives your fussy baby a consistent, soothing sound that is similar to the the whooshing heard in the womb. If you don’t have a white noise machine on hand, the whirring of a fan, dishwasher or even a radio playing static offers that same constant sound babies often find soothing. For an extra calming effect, hold your baby close, and create your own white noise by making a “ssh” sound.

Got any other clues for the exhausted mom or confused babysitting uncle? Share with us below!

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