8 Types of People Who ‘Can’t’ Get Breast Cancer

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Because there is still so much uncertainty surrounding breast cancer, people — understandably — have many misconceptions about it. Plenty of myths have been perpetuated about which types of people can and can not develop the disease. In reality, anyone who has breast tissue can get it. Here are some types of people who can in fact get breast cancer, despite the myths that may say otherwise.

8. Men

Men indeed have breast tissue, albeit a very small amount, which means that they can get breast cancer. Although less than 1 percent of all people with breast cancer are males, it is a possibility. Any man who notices a lump on his chest shouldn’t hesitate to get it checked out.

7. Small-Breasted Women

Breast size has nothing to do with your risk of breasts cancer. The only difference may be in terms of detection, as bigger breasts are harder to examine than smaller ones. All women, regardless of breast size, should make sure to get their routine checkups.

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