More Than A Juicer: How A Stranger’s Gesture Touched A Cancer Patient And Her Family

Tough times can bring out the best in people. Humanity and compassion are responses that occasionally seem to be lacking in the modern world, but when Cara Duggan tried to help her mother, a cancer sufferer, she found that the kindness of strangers still exists in the most unexpected places.

Cara’s mother, who has stage 4 esophageal cancer, was losing weight and suffering because she was unable to eat much and required additional nutritional supplements in the form of juices.

Cara’s mother. Via Facebook

To help her mother, Cara decided to buy a NutriBullet juicer, a powerful device that turns highly nutritious foods into easy-to-eat fluids. However, the price tag on a new juicer was prohibitively expensive for the young woman: £130, which is around $200.

“…she found that the kindness of strangers still exists in the most unexpected of places.”

She decided to look into buying a used NutriBullet, and texted a seller who had listed one on Gumtree. The seller initially said that he would post the item to her for free, but Cara replied that she would be happy to pay and gave her address details for postal purposes. Unexpectedly, the next text she received was copied from a national chain store, Argos, stating that a FastTrack order was available for collection from her local store.

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Conversation between Cara and the seller. Via Facebook

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Confused, she contacted the original seller to check what was going on. She was astounded to discover that the man had paid for a new NutriBullet to be available for her that day. His reasoning was that he didn’t want Cara and her mother to wait for the device. Once Cara had caught up with what was happening and thanked him, he thanked her in return for giving him the opportunity to do a good deed.

Cara publicized the man’s actions both to thank him for his gesture and to raise awareness of her mother’s ailment; the donor himself insists that he remain anonymous. She, however, is very publicly raising funds for her mother, and this heart-warming story has encouraged donations of over £12,000.

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