Summer Fun Without Breaking the Bank!


Capture the thrill of treasure hunting with a geocaching hike, giving children plenty of exercise while exploring nature. Download a geocaching app or invest in a handheld receiver to find trinkets hidden in town and national parks.

Backyard Camping

Continue your outdoor fun with a campout in the backyard. Set up a tent or homemade fort, and whip up easy finger foods and sandwiches to eat under the stars. Keep children entertained until bedtime with spooky stories, stargazing and flashlight tag.

Free Movies

Watching movies away from home is a treat, whether the films are old or new. Consult your local library or newspaper to find free movie screenings in the park, and find out which theater chains in your area offer free or discounted children’s movies on weekend mornings.

Cooking Session

Let children take charge in the kitchen with simple, hands-on recipes. Give them the freedom to make a pizza with their favorite toppings, or bake up a batch of chocolate chip cookies to make ice cream sandwiches.

Children’s Theater

Take dress-up to the next level with a kid-created play. Give children old clothing or holiday costumes, inspiring them to brainstorm fun characters and storylines. Record the imaginary production to watch their performances again and again.


Give children a way to contribute to causes they care about, such as school technology or pet shelters. Commit to a weekly volunteering project, or help kids come up with ideas to raise money, whether it’s hosting a yard sale or an old-fashioned lemonade stand. Did we miss any? Share your favorite ways to keep kids entertained!

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